By: Stephen R. Elville – President and Founder of the Elville Center for the Creative Arts, Inc.

Good news is rare these days, but not at the Elville Center for the Creative Arts. The Elville Center is boldly continuing its work in 2021 to provide much needed musical instruments, music lessons, art- and dance-related activities, and cultural experiences to children and schools throughout Maryland.  How big is the need?  Huge.  

How many teachers, schools, and children need help?  Hundreds and thousands.  How much work is there to do?  A lifetime’s worth. How are these projects being funded? Through generous individual donations of instruments and funds to refurbish those instruments, monthly donations, and annual charitable contributions.  What is needed now? A $1 million charitable endowment to permanently fund the Elville Center that will turbo charge an expansion effort to affect many more children’s lives and reconstitute the music programs of many schools whose programs have been decimated or eliminated.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, the Elville Center needs your support to achieve its goal of an initial $1 charitable million endowment so that its mission and vision may be perpetuated, expanded throughout Maryland, and nationally. if you would like to contribute to or discuss a charitable endowment the Elville Center, or if you would like to volunteer your services, please contact Executive Director Jeffrey Stauffer at 443-393-7696 x117, or at  If you would like to speak with the Elville Center’s founder, Stephen Elville, please contact his Legal Administrator, Mary Guay Kramer, at