“This year, I transferred to Coppin Academy High School #432, and The Elville Center has been helping me to get many of my instruments repaired and refurbished and ready for my new high school band students. My Band II students have already begun playing their instruments and I am grateful beyond words to the Elville Center for all of their support. Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars of my own money in support of my program, but it is heartening to know that there is an organization that seeks to help teachers like me make a difference in the lives of children who otherwise might not have the opportunity to play an instrument. Coppin Academy is a small public charter school with an urban population of students, most of whom cannot afford to buy an instrument. It is my goal to instill in them a love of music and foster discipline and self-confidence to go on to greater things in life.”
Jesse Williamson – Master Teacher of Music Education, Coppin Academy High School #432

“Schools in lower-income communities often do not have the resources to afford tickets or transportation to enjoy cultural events outside school. The Elville Center has made it possible for these schools to attend the Annapolis Symphony’s Concerts for Schoolchildren free of charge, for the first time in our history. Early exposure to classical music can captivate a child’s imagination and bring benefits throughout their education and their life. The Symphony is immensely grateful to the Elville Center for its commitment to ensuring children from all backgrounds can enjoy the pleasures and benefits of classical music.”
Dr. Patrick Nugent, Executive Director of The Annapolis Symphony Orchestra

“So many of our students don’t have access to an instrument or have the means to rent or buy one. I’ve seen music brighten the lives of so many students who face difficult challenges in and out of school,” noted Ms. Cox. “The school’s funds and equipment are lacking to meet the needs of all our students, so the extraordinary donations from the Elville Center for the Creative Arts are helping to bring music to more of our children. The kids’ excitement when presented with new equipment can’t be compared to anything except to how they might respond to a ton of Christmas gifts! Thank you to the Elville Center for elevating my students’ musical experience this year with your generous donations!”
Ms. Carol Cox, Instrumental Music Director at George T. Cromwell Elementary and Brooklyn Park Elementary Schools

“We can’t thank the Elville Center enough for its support over the past 3-1/2 years. We’ve received over 50 instruments from the Elville Center and the difference they’ve made in our music program can’t be put into words. On behalf of the students and administration of Bates Middle School, we are extremely grateful to the Elville Center for our relationship. They’ve given us wonderful, responsive support that has benefited our program so much.”
Dr. Maximus Vanderbeek, Band Director at Wiley H. Bates Middle School

“We have benefited two-fold from our experience with the Elville Center. The obvious major aspect of the help has been the financial boost from donated instruments and services that cover missing mouthpieces and reeds, to refurbished instruments, to a grand piano dolly and the refurbishing of a Steinway grand piano for recitals, concerts and an expanding list of uses. The other aspect of this two-fold benefit has been the more personal partnership with the Elville Center, an organization that cuts through the red tape and produces RESULTS. No vouchers or purchase orders – [we simply see] needed delivered often by The Elville Center. We couldn’t imagine a more effective relationship to help staff and students reach individual and institutional goals.”
Mr. John Bridgeo, Music Department Representative at Central High School