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Stephen R. Elville — Founder and President
of the Elville Center for the Creative Arts

The attorneys and staff of Elville and Associates are proud of the firm’s charitable organization, the Elville Center for the Creative Arts. Founded on June 30, 2014, the Elville Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that partners with local and regional organizations such as the classical music radio station 91.5 WBJC, Music and Arts, The Band Shoppe, The Columbia Orchestra, The Annapolis Symphony Orchestra, and non-profit organizations to provide musical instruments, musical instrument rental, funding for field trips, music lessons, and participation in music-related activities to and for children of all ages throughout Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region. The purpose of the Elville Center is to improve the quality of life of children of all ages by providing them the opportunity to learn music theory and application, and experience cultural events related to the musical and creative arts; and to use music and the promotion of music-related activities to transcend social and economic divisions.

As most of our clients are aware, Elville and Associates is an active sponsor of the arts through its support of WBJC classical radio and performances. The firm also promotes awareness of the arts by providing clients with opportunities to attend events at The Kennedy Center, The Strathmore, Modell Lyric Opera House, and other venues. Although Elville and Associates has traditionally supported and promoted music in the classical genre, student participants in Elville Center-sponsored educational activities have the ability to choose their own musical paths based on their own individual preferences, talents, and goals.
Your monetary donations and used musical instrument donations are critical to the success of the Elville Center’s mission.  In addition to individual and corporate donations, Elville and Associates began its own contributions to the Elville Center in June, 2014. It is the hope of the President and Founder of The Elville Center, Mr. Stephen Elville, Esq., that this charitable initiative will capture the imaginations and enthusiasm of our clients, business partners, and the community at large culminating in the fulfillment of many dreams and a continuation of the music.
If you are interested in the Elville Center for the Creative Arts and would like to learn more, or if you would like to make a donation or pledge, please contact Jeff Stauffer, Executive Director, at 443-676-9691 or jeff@elvilleassociates.com, or please visit our website at elvillecenter.org. Personal meetings with Mr. Elville or Mr. Stauffer for further discussion of the Elville Center are available upon request.



Thank You to our Donors

The Elville Center for the Creative Arts would like to recognize and thank the following people who have supported us by donating musical instruments to the charity:

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