While the Elville Center accepts all types of instruments for donation, which we then pay to have refurbished and get into the hands of children in need in the school music programs we support, the one instrument we cannot readily accept is a piano.
The reasons for this are twofold. One is due to the lack of room we have in our office to store pianos – they take up a significant amount of space! And, two, in order for us to accept a piano we need one of our partner school music programs to have a need for the piano at that time. And, at this moment we have outfitted all of our schools with pianos that need one.

When we do provide a donated piano to a program, the Elville Center will pay to have the piano moved from your home to the school and pay to have it tuned when it arrives at the school. The piano does need to be in good working condition for us to accept the donation.
If you are interested in donating a piano, please share your information with us along with its make, model, and a picture and we will gladly hold on to your information if and when our next need arises.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Elville Center!


Jeff Stauffer
Executive Director