Do We Accept Pianos/Organs?

The Elville Center accepts most all types of musical instruments for donation; however, the one challenge we have as far as musical instrument donations, are pianos/organs, and cannot accept them at this time. The reasons for this are twofold. One, we simply do not have a place to store pianos here at our office, which is within the law firm of Elville and Associates’ office in Columbia. And thus, two, to accept a piano, we would need a school music program to have an immediate need for the piano before we accept it so we can then plan to move it to the school. We have done this a number of times before over the years; however, with none of our schools music partners currently in need of a piano, at this time we have no choice but to respectfully decline the donation request.

There are a couple of reputable organizations that may be able to assist you. They are: — the Beethoven Foundation — Pianos for Education

However, here at the Elville Center we would suggest starting with Johnson’s Piano Moving.  They offer many options to assist with piano moving and we have partnered with them numerous times over the years.  They can be reached at 301-685-9655, or via email at (