Authored by: Jeffrey D. Stauffer, Executive Director –, 443-393-7696

In our recent August newsletter, we provided an update on what has been taking place at the Elville Center for the Creative Arts, and we wanted to take this opportunity to share with you again our mission and some nice success stories that have unfolded over the past month in the charity’s work since our recent update.

The Elville Center was founded in June 2014 by Mr. Stephen R. Elville, and our mission is to improve the quality of life of children of all ages by providing them the opportunity to learn music theory, experience cultural events related to the arts, and to use music to transcend social and economic divisions. We want to give the gift of music to children who want to participate in music but don’t necessarily have the means to do so on their own – truly making a musical difference in the lives of children.

We partner with local and regional businesses and schools’ music programs to fund field trips, provide new and donated refurbished musical instruments, rentals, music lessons and participation in music-related activities for children of all ages.

We’ve been very busy since our summer newsletter update.

At the end of last school year, one of our school partners, Benjamin Tasker Middle in Bowie, told us about a new 6th grade orchestral program it wanted to begin this fall, quite the task starting a music program from the very beginning.  Over the past few months, we’ve focused our efforts, among other projects, on collecting donated musical instruments for Tasker’s new venture. And, on Tuesday, September 20th, we were able to deliver to the school these refurbished instruments, some new cases and bows along with other supplies to help get the new orchestra’s students off to the great start they deserve.  At the Elville Center, it is all about making a musical difference in the lives of children.

Another brief story to share — a few weeks ago, the Elville Center was contacted by a family in Randallstown who has a special needs child in middle school – his name is Bradley.  They heard about the charity on the classical music station 91.5 WBJC – as many of our partners do.  This family has experienced many challenges recently, and Brandon had attended a Baltimore County Public School since becoming school-age.
Fortunately though, this year, to better support his situation he’s attending a private school on scholarship; however, this school does not provide loaner instruments to its students as Baltimore County did, and he’s played the saxophone for a few years, which has proven very therapeutic for his special needs situation.  I’ve been told by his mother he’s very talented and passionate about playing and participating in the school band.

With the family’s financial situation, though, they could not afford the cost of a saxophone – they’re expensive – and the supplies needed to go along with it. But, I’m pleased to say the Elville Center sprang into action and was able to quickly refurbish a donated saxophone and deliver it along with a new case and all the supplies needed for Brandon to participate in his new school’s band and continue to enjoy the benefits that playing an instrument provide him.

The family was quite overwhelmed at the Elville Center’s willingness to help, as they shared their thoughts in a note to us shortly thereafter, saying, “I am overwhelmed at how the Elville Center went out of its way both physically and figuratively.  My children and I appreciate your kindness, and that of Mr. Elville.  My son Bradley was so happy to see the beautiful case and lovely instrument when he got back from school.  The addition of his own instrument will dramatically improve on his skills and mastery of the instrument itself, as you are aware.  I wanted to reach out to you to let you know how blessed I felt that day.”

Again, it’s all about making a musical difference in the lives of children.

We’re looking forward to a busy fall.  We have a number of schools’ wish lists of items they need for the new school year we’re working to fulfill, and we depend on the support of donors just like you for refurbished instruments and other means of support to make these stories I shared with you realities.

If you’d like to learn more about the Elville Center for the Creative Arts or wish to donate, please contact Jeff Stauffer, Executive Director,, or at 443-676-9691.  You may also visit our website at and click on the donate button to learn how you can make a difference.