By:  Jeffrey D. Stauffer – Director, 443-393-7696,

One of The Elville Center’s goals is to help children experience cultural events related to the musical and creative arts, and recently the Center was fortunate to do just that through its partnership with Halethorpe Elementary School.

Ms. Denise Schneider, a music teacher at the school, contacted The Elville Center asking for support so all of its students could attend a planned field trip to the Meyerhoff for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s performance of “Peter and the Wolf.”

The Elville Center was more than happy to step in and provide the financial support needed so all of Halethorpe Elementary’s third-grade students could attend this enriching cultural experience.

The field trip turned out to be a wonderful success!  And, Halethorpe Elementary was so kind to surprise our office with a nice letter written by the students who attended the performance, which is shown below:

“Thank you for your donation to Halethorpe Elementary.  All of the students were able to attend the trip to the symphony to see “Peter and the Wolf.”

My favorite part of the trip:

“I liked when the wolf in the play caught the duck and then at the end, the duck turned into an angel.”

“I liked when Grandpa came out on stage.  He was so big.”

“My favorite part was when the wolf did that thing with his eyebrows moving up and down.”

“My favorite part was when the cat was stuck in the tree.”

“My favorite part was when the duck jumped in the water.  I did not expect confetti to come out.”

“I liked when all the musicians tuned their instruments so I could hear how they sounded.”

Music and the arts are indeed integral to children’s educations.  By the responses seen above to the trip one can see how their imaginations were captivated and an enjoyable experience was had by all.

The Elville Center appreciates Ms. Schneider reaching out to us so we could be of assistance and look forward to our continued partnership with the school.

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